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HOT ART WET CITY – Vancouver

An art gallery in Vancouver, BC featuring fun, weird, and accessible art. They also host comedy shows, interactive events, workshops, seminars, talks, and more. Pop-culture and fan-art themes, narrative and figurative work, illustrative, street, low-brow, pop-surrealist, prints, originals… plus, you won’t find lengthy artist statements here. HAWC supports emerging and established artists from Vancouver.  Check out their official website above for more interesting pieces and great Canadian art.


A small brand with a simple message of support local. This Canadian made clothing brand has some very clean designs – with hoodies, t-shirts, hats and accessories you are bound to find your perfect fit! Check out their designs at their above mentioned website.



Canadian Museum of History to launch 4K technology

Movie theatre at Gatineau museum one of only four in Canada with a 4K projector.

The Canadian Museum of History is adapting to new technology with the launch of a 4K digital laser projector in its theatre before the end of March.

After being associated with IMAX for more than 25 years, the Gatineau museum said it acquired the new technology from Barco — a Belgium based technology company.

According to the museum, the laser projector provides sharper images and brighter colours compared to the current projectors.

With the new addition to the cinema, the museum’s cinema becomes one of only four in Canada to possess 4K technology, according to the museum.

“We are excited to be able to offer this new technology and high-quality viewing experience to our visitors,” said Michèle Canto, the museum’s director of marketing and business operations in a press release on Monday.

The museum’s IMAX Theatre will be renamed CINÉ+ with the change. Viewers will still be able view older films in the museum’s inventory, along with a greater choice of 2D and 3D productions.