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HOT ART WET CITY – Vancouver

An art gallery in Vancouver, BC featuring fun, weird, and accessible art. They also host comedy shows, interactive events, workshops, seminars, talks, and more. Pop-culture and fan-art themes, narrative and figurative work, illustrative, street, low-brow, pop-surrealist, prints, originals… plus, you won’t find lengthy artist statements here. HAWC supports emerging and established artists from Vancouver.  Check out their official website above for more interesting pieces and great Canadian art.


A small brand with a simple message of support local. This Canadian made clothing brand has some very clean designs – with hoodies, t-shirts, hats and accessories you are bound to find your perfect fit! Check out their designs at their above mentioned website.



Canadian Museum of History to launch 4K technology

Movie theatre at Gatineau museum one of only four in Canada with a 4K projector.

The Canadian Museum of History is adapting to new technology with the launch of a 4K digital laser projector in its theatre before the end of March.

After being associated with IMAX for more than 25 years, the Gatineau museum said it acquired the new technology from Barco — a Belgium based technology company.

According to the museum, the laser projector provides sharper images and brighter colours compared to the current projectors.

With the new addition to the cinema, the museum’s cinema becomes one of only four in Canada to possess 4K technology, according to the museum.

“We are excited to be able to offer this new technology and high-quality viewing experience to our visitors,” said Michèle Canto, the museum’s director of marketing and business operations in a press release on Monday.

The museum’s IMAX Theatre will be renamed CINÉ+ with the change. Viewers will still be able view older films in the museum’s inventory, along with a greater choice of 2D and 3D productions.


Welcome to CDN Entertainment! Where in this section you can find some great Canadian music, entertainment headlines, Canadian TV shows or series and everything in the act of amusing or entertaining people.

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Canada is making a national music playlist. What songs should be included?


To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, the Canadian federal government plans to spend $17.5m on local community projects and a national musical “soundtrack”.

The plan was announced by Canadian heritage minister Mélanie Joly at Toronto’s Daniels Spectrum Theatre on Monday. She spoke in front of a string orchestra on Monday morning who later played Drake’s Know Yourself – perhaps a hint of its place on the country’s definitive song list?

Of the funding, approximately $7.5m will go to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and be used to fund “the Canada 150 musical mosaic”, a soundtrack created with the Polaris Music Prize that will feature over 36 orchestras from across the country and showcase work of Canadian musicians.

If Canada is going to compile a list of songs identifying it to the world, there are plenty of contenders! CDN Movement what songs do you think should make the cut?


SWEARNET -The uncensored comedy network from the Trailer Park Boys

Are you tired of watching censored TV? Well we have your solution! SWEARNET, the uncensored comedy network brought to you from the guys who created the Trailer Park Boys. This online network have some pretty insane comedy skts, reality shows, behind the scene Trailer Park Boys footage plus LOTS MORE! For a short fee of $4.20/month you have full


Event Link:

Halifax, NS) – Wolf Parade, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Waxahatchee, Matt Braunger, and Solids are among the acts added to the inaugural Gridlock Festival lineup. The festival takes place in Halifax, NS from July 8-10, 2016.

In addition to these artists, the festival also added the following acts to the 2016 lineup: Adam Strangler, Freak Heat Waves, Calvin Love, Casey Ley, Cheryl Hann, Ian Black, Jon Mckiel, Kim Harris, Megan McDowell, Moon King, and Walrus.

They join previously announced acts DIIV, American Football, TR/ST, Wintersleep, Baths, Lower Dens, Lowell, Beach Slang, Peach Kelli Pop, Sean Nicholas Savage, Southern Shores, Partner, Vogue Dots, beauts, and Dance Movie.

Passes for the three-day festival are on sale now at

Luke James – Music Reviews

YouTube Page:

Canadian Luke James (Not The Singer) Reviews hip-hop music – as well as funk, soul & R&B from time to time. His overall goal here is to give you his honest opinion and spark discussion! If you’re an indie artist looking for an album review & some promo, just hit up now! This guy has some great reviews and is very honest with his opinions, with over 12k subscribers this is no joke.  Below is his newest review, scroll through his YouTube link above to see more!!


Canadian Music Magazine


CDN Movement get familiar with Canadian Musician magazine. This is Canada’s magazine for professional and amateur musicians. Published since 1979, the magazine covers prominent Canadian artists, the latest gear, technique and the business of music. Published bi-monthly, Canadian Musician features regular columns on Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Brass, Woodwinds, Vocal, MIDI, Business, Songwriting, Live Sound, Recording and On-Line Music. Also included are classified ads, opportunities for musicians, new releases and new products.

Published by Norris-Whitney Communications Inc., Canadian Musician is distributed across Canada through newsstands, music stores and record stores and by subscription across Canada and internationally.

A true Canadian Movement!





Welcome to the CDN Food Movement! Where you can find all kinds of great Canadian restaurants to eat, new recipes to try at home and we have our guy food connoisseur Johnny Red brining you clips and reviews of his favorite home town spots.

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The Coast, Halifax’s Weekly and Hop City Brewing Co. Presents:

4th Annual Halifax ‘Burger Week’

BURGER WEEK 2016 IS COMING — March 18-24, 2016
Over 75 restaurants!

Brought to you by:
The Coast, Halifax’s Weekly and Hop City Brewing Co.

Find burgers & contests & more at

Hop aboard the TASTE HALIFAX BURGER BUS and get a preview of the Burger Week Menu + Beer pairings before anyone else! Tickets on sale now! at – get-em while they’re hot and greasy!

The #MINIBurger will be driving around #HRM all month! Spot the car, snap a photo, tag it with #MINIBurger and #BurgerValet to win a free pick up and drop off from your friendly neighbourhood Coastie!

Check out Fresh Prints Custom Apparel Halifax for Official #HfxBurgerWeek limited edition t-shirts!

Listen and Watch on Q104 FM and Global Halifax for more information!



Arribarest Restaurant – Toronto



From its magnificent position high up in the Rogers Centre, Arriba combines dynamic dinning with an incredible vantage into the stadium. From here, you can dine well while enjoying a Blue Jays baseball game. A “window on the game” meal here is served with a side of baseball snippets by enthusiastic wait staff.

 Boogie’s Burgers – Calgary


‘You Gotta Eat Here Canada’


Boogie’s is a long time favorite of Calagary locals – so much that the restaurant was featurind in the “Fans Request” episode of ‘You Gotta East Here Canada’. Kids will be amazed at Boogie’s huge and unique burgers. Some menu selection, like Doug’s “Don’t Fear The Reaper” Burger, arrive at the table complete with four beef patties, four hot dogs, a fried egg, and a pogo stick topper, its big enough to feed the whole family. And be sure to enjoy a “Fat Elvis” bacon milkshake while introducing the kids to the games of your youth on one of Boogie’s vintage video game collection.

The Poutine Tornado (Recipe)

Created by Josh Elkin – Epic Meal Time


Here’s what you need:

  • A Deep Fryer
  • A Metal Spoon
  • 1 large russet potato
  • 1 cup of Quebec cheese curds
  • 1 cup of brown gravy of your choice
  • Deep frying oil

Step 1:
Slice the top and bottom end of the potato. Make sure it’s as even as possible so the potato can stand upright on its own.

Step 2:
Start to scoop out a hole in the center of the smaller end of the potato. Continue to dig with the spoon in a circular motion until you are about 1/2 an inch from the other end of the potato (the bottom)

Step 3:
Using a paring knife, trace a spiral on the outside of the potato. Cut out the spiral exposing the flesh of the potato. At this point you can see the shape of the tornado coming together.

Step 4:
Cut through the potato on two sides of the spiral. You want to cut into the hole you made earlier making sure not to cut too far on either side of the spiral in order to avoid the whole thing collapsing.

Step 5:
Heat your cooking oil to 300 degrees F. Fry the potato for about 4 minutes. Take it out and increase the heat to 400 degrees F. Fry the potato again for 3 minutes.

Step 6:
Fill the hole of the Potato with the cheese curds, then with the gravy until it all starts pouring out the sides of the tornado.

Step 7

Irish People Taste Test Canadian Foods and try poutine, coffee crisp, ketchup chips & more for the first time!

CDN Movement check out this great video from Fact Canada! Wonder what Canadians think of Irish Food?





Gridlock Festival – Halifax

Halifax, NS) – Wolf Parade, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Waxahatchee, Matt Braunger, and Solids are among the acts added to the inaugural Gridlock Festival lineup. The festival takes place in Halifax, NS from July 8-10, 2016.

In addition to these artists, the festival also added the following acts to the 2016 lineup: Adam Strangler, Freak Heat Waves, Calvin Love, Casey Ley, Cheryl Hann, Ian Black, Jon Mckiel, Kim Harris, Megan McDowell, Moon King, and Walrus.

They join previously announced acts DIIV, American Football, TR/ST, Wintersleep, Baths, Lower Dens, Lowell, Beach Slang, Peach Kelli Pop, Sean Nicholas Savage, Southern Shores, Partner, Vogue Dots, beauts, and Dance Movie.

Passes for the three-day festival are on sale now at

Gridlock Festival is a new, outdoor tented festival taking place on the grounds of Spatz Theatre/Citadel High School. in Halifax, NS. The event’s bar partner is Stillwell, who will serve up East Coast craft beer, local wine, and spirits. The festival grounds will also feature a food truck alley and provide additional space for pop-up retail vendors.

Jonathan Emile – Movement Music

CDN Movement this is an artist worth taking intrest in, following the success of his debut album ‘The Lover/Fighter Document LP‘, The Montreal native Jonathan Emile is back with the newest visual from the project, ‘Movement Music‘.

Directed and shot by King Richard, the video sees Jonathan explore and embrace two major segments of the 20th Century; a poignant reminder of the plight of the African diaspora in North America (through the Civil Rights movement until the present day) and the Cuban revolutionaries fighting to free their country from their oppressive government.

Focusing on the light and the dark sides of both himself and history, the juxtaposition of the modern day black man in America with the Latin American revolutionary in the basement make for a powerful statement. This is such an impressive concept that you rarely see in today music indusrty, True Canadian Movement we Salute!

Watch the video via YouTube below.

The Lover/Fighter Document LP‘ features guest appearances from the likes of Buckshot, Murs and Kendrick Lamar, with production courtesy of Aphyliated, Lo-Go, MIYEKOW and Jonathan himself.

CDN You can now purchase ‘The Lover/Fighter Document LP’ on iTunes and Bandcamp, and stream on Spotify. Trust me when I say it’s  a Movement you should consider taking in.

Kenny Gourmet – Tilde

CDN Movement hailing from Vancouver, BC Kenny Gourmet just releases a very smooth new studio album ‘Tilde’ on Uptown Paradise Records. It is available on all major streaming sites and a free download on Bandcamp. ‘Tilde or ~’ is the sound of a young artist with a polished sound. “I wanted to make a dark vibe rap album with Coldplay guitars,” he says.

‘~’ is a lifestyle rap album built from a mosaic of real life experiences from heartbreaks to late night adventures with the boys. It features guest verses from Brevner and Uptown Paradise affiliates, A and 3AM. Gourmet worked with a handful of producers from the Pacific Northwest; N.D.T., Brian Do, Jan Betsayda, dotken and Kaoboy, crafting the defining album of his young career. Kenny assisted on production by laying down electric guitar lines on each track. ‘Tilde’ was mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer, Greg “The Stuntman” Mindorff.


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Move to Canada If Donald Trump Wins?

CDN Movement we may have some new friends locating into our country if Donald Trump wins the American Presidential Election. Many Americans are seriously thinking about leaving their country if this play out in Trump’s favor.

Rob Calabrese sees this as an opportunity to solve Cape Breton Island’s population crisis, Calabrese works at 101.9 The Giant, a pop radio station on Cape Breton Island, a rocky outcrop at the northern tip of Nova Scotia. The island’s population was about 136,000 in 2011, but that number has been steadily plummeting, in part because the island’s steel mill closed a decade and a half ago. “Our population is aging, and it’s shrinking by about 1,000 people every year,” Calabrese tells Rolling Stone. “It’s projected to do that for the next 20 years unless it can get turned around.”

By his count, there were more than 2,000 inquiries in the first three days. “I’d say about 90 percent of them are genuine inquiries about making a life in Cape Breton, and a lot of them say regardless of who wins.” Most were anxious to escape Trump, but several, he says, feared a Hillary Clinton presidency.

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Backwoods Boss Red Sandalwood Watch (Canadian Proud Edition).

Backwoods Boss has just recently released a new product, The real red sandalwood (Canadian Proud Edition). The real red sandalwood and white chrome accents represent the red and white of the Canadian flag, and the rear side also features a signature Canadian maple leaf engraved. The movement is quartz for the most accurate time keeping and simplicity; no winding or needing to wear it every day to self-wind. It also features date keeping and a “cyclops eye” that magnifies the date tracker to make viewing it easy from afar.

There are a limited number of these being produced, pre-order now and secure your piece of Canadian history! A true Canadian Movement.

Link here for more information:!product-page/cba4/cb089324-4953-5c25-ca12-d9153c9d352f



CDN Movement we’d like to introduce to you “STOP THE VIOLENCE – SPREAD THE LOVE” a brand geared towards being apart of the solution to stopping violence. Through events, presentations and clothing brand, it aims to stop violence by spreading the message that Violence is the Problem not the solution and Together WE CAN stop it.

Quentrel Provo also known as D’@vion is a Singer, Songwriter, Activist, Inspirational Speaker and founder of Stop the Violence from Preston (North/East), Nova Scotia. He’s also a graduate of Paralegal Studies from Maritime Business College.  It was August 11th, 2012 that his life would change after the death of his cousin Kaylin Diggs who was killed in Halifax Bar district. The next few days after such a tragedy, he thought of a way to channel his hurt and anger into something positive by starting the Stop the Violence movement. It was weeks after the death of his cousin that he did the 1st Annual Stop the Violence Day march and has since held an Annual march every year since the tragedy. Through Stop the Violence he’s also does presentations throughout the province to on violence awareness as he tries to decrease violence through spreading the message to stand against it.

Some accomplishments through Stop the Violence: In May 2014 he was a speaker for Governor General of Canada Youth Roundtable by United Way as he had the honor to speak in front of his Excellency David Johnston. He also was chosen as 1 of 5 finalists by the Chronicle Herald for the 2014 Parade of lights to be the 2014 Parade Marshal. In December 2014, he was awarded the “Outstanding Student Community Award by CHAMA (Challenging AIDS & Malaria in Africa) Charity.

A true Canadian Movement and for that we SALUTE.

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Official Website



Jick Nordan – High Hoser

CDN Movement Presents Jick Nordan’s first solo project of the year titled “High Hoser” – this 5 track tape will make you feel all kinds of emotions, with every beat and single giving you a different perspective of Jick. With him being in the shadows for the past little bit working on his craft, he’s back stronger than ever to let everyone know he didn’t go anywhere and he’s not planning on it anytime soon. The beast has awoken, Canadian roots – walk into the mind of a High Hoser.
Click the link below to hear his project.
Twitter: @JickNordan x @CDNMovement