Backwoods Boss Red Sandalwood Watch (Canadian Proud Edition).

Backwoods Boss has just recently released a new product, The real red sandalwood (Canadian Proud Edition). The real red sandalwood and white chrome accents represent the red and white of the Canadian flag, and the rear side also features a signature Canadian maple leaf engraved. The movement is quartz for the most accurate time keeping and simplicity; no winding or needing to wear it every day to self-wind. It also features date keeping and a “cyclops eye” that magnifies the date tracker to make viewing it easy from afar.

There are a limited number of these being produced, pre-order now and secure your piece of Canadian history! A true Canadian Movement.

Link here for more information:!product-page/cba4/cb089324-4953-5c25-ca12-d9153c9d352f


Jick Nordan – High Hoser

CDN Movement Presents Jick Nordan’s first solo project of the year titled “High Hoser” – this 5 track tape will make you feel all kinds of emotions, with every beat and single giving you a different perspective of Jick. With him being in the shadows for the past little bit working on his craft, he’s back stronger than ever to let everyone know he didn’t go anywhere and he’s not planning on it anytime soon. The beast has awoken, Canadian roots – walk into the mind of a High Hoser.
Click the link below to hear his project.
Twitter: @JickNordan x @CDNMovement

Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky

CDN Movement THIS IS HUGE! Trailer Park Boys will now have their our liquor brand, selling out of the NLC’s manufacturing division which has a contract with Dartmouth Spirits Inc. to bottle the Trailer Park Boys’ Liquormen’s Ol’ Dirty Canadian Whisky in a St. John’s facility.

Currently, the whisky, which has been distilled and aged for three years, is on shelves just in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The name Liquormen is based on an old tale of a group of bandits who roamed the west stealing liquor, an NLC news release said.

True Canadian Movement!