Kenny Gourmet – Tilde

CDN Movement hailing from Vancouver, BC Kenny Gourmet just releases a very smooth new studio album ‘Tilde’ on Uptown Paradise Records. It is available on all major streaming sites and a free download on Bandcamp. ‘Tilde or ~’ is the sound of a young artist with a polished sound. “I wanted to make a dark vibe rap album with Coldplay guitars,” he says.

‘~’ is a lifestyle rap album built from a mosaic of real life experiences from heartbreaks to late night adventures with the boys. It features guest verses from Brevner and Uptown Paradise affiliates, A and 3AM. Gourmet worked with a handful of producers from the Pacific Northwest; N.D.T., Brian Do, Jan Betsayda, dotken and Kaoboy, crafting the defining album of his young career. Kenny assisted on production by laying down electric guitar lines on each track. ‘Tilde’ was mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer, Greg “The Stuntman” Mindorff.


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